Monthly Chapter Meetings

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, programs are now normally held virtually on the third Thursday of the month September through June. 

6:50 – 7:00 PM:  Meet 'n' Greet
7:00 – 8:15 PM:  Program

Free for current ISPI HR members; a suggested donation of $10 is appreciated from guests.






Facilitators: Scott Weersing, Director of Programs | Olrica Funderburk, Vice President of Communication | Stephanie Shipman, Past President | Sazara Johnson, Chapter President




Let’s Check-in! 
The board members will use this time to check in with our chapter members, our frequent visitors, curious new guests, & employers around the areas we serve. We want to know how everyone is fairing through this pandemic and the various impacts it is having on your everyday lives.


Let’s Chat! 
We will use this time to discuss:

  • How everyone has adapted to the changes so far both professionally and personally.

  • Current individual performance needs that each member has in the workplace.

  • Current needs that businesses have that we can support.

  • Opportunities for ISPI Hampton Roads (ISPI HR) to offer insight on current performance needs faced by our employers.

We Want to Hear From YOU
As we transition to a season of 100% virtual interaction, what do you think ISPI HR's next 3 major steps should be?

  • Please come prepared to discuss your needs. We would love to hear from you!


We will close out the meeting with a few ISPI HR Board Announcements.

6:50 pm Virtual Doors Open

7:00 - 8:15 pm Virtual Discussion




Learning Analytics - Measuring and Determining ROI of Training and Leadership Programs

Presenter: Marcia Downing


Determining the ROI on learning has been difficult and is the one of the drivers of why training is one of the first budgets to be cut in times of financial crisis.  This session will provide you with an overview of how to determine the ROI of your training and leadership programs.  By understanding your training's ROI, you can articulate the necessity of the training as well as the costs of not providing the training.


An email will be sent to all registrants regarding what to bring to begin determining the ROI of their training programs.

Presenter Bio:

Marcia Downing’s current profession provides her the opportunity to manage projects leading to the development of new and revised instructor led and computer based training.  Additional professional experience has been as an adjunct faculty member with Strayer University, Averett University and University of Maryland University Europe, Tidewater Community College and Advanced Technology Institute.

As a consultant, Marcia consults individuals and businesses on business acumen, engagement, and portfolio development.  She keeps abreast of leading and effective training and business techniques through continuous learning, participation in group panel discussions, presentations at conferences, attendance at career and professional workshops, participation as an attendee and presenter at career and professional workshops, and continually researching current and future training and business materials, methods, techniques and trends.

6:50 pm Virtual Doors Open

7:00 - 8:15 pm Virtual Discussion


Members attend for free
Guests are welcome; suggested donation is $10.



HPI is Human Performance Improvement.


Some people recognize the acronym HPT which is Human Performance Technology.


HPT and HPI:


  • are systematic approaches to improving productivity and competence

  • use a set of methods and procedures -- and a strategy for solving problems -- for realizing opportunities related to the performance of people.

More specific, it is a process of selection, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of programs to most cost-effectively influence human behavior and accomplishment.


It is a systematic combination of three fundamental processes: performance analysis, cause analysis, and intervention selection, and can be applied to individuals, small groups, and large organizations.


International Society for

Performance Improvement


Hampton Roads Chapter

How Does HPI / HPT Work?

HPI / HPT uses a wide range of interventions that are drawn from many other disciplines including:

  • behavioral psychology

  • instructional systems design

  • organizational development, and

  • human resources management.

It stresses:

  • a rigorous analysis of present and desired levels of performance

  • identifies the causes for the performance gap

  • offers a wide range of interventions to improve performance

  • guides the change management process, and

  • evaluates the results.

Important Definitions

        Human: the individuals and groups that make up organizations
        Performance: activities and measurable outcomes​

        Technology: a systematic and systemic approach to solve practical problems


10 Standards of HPI / HPT

Human Performance Improvement & Human Performance Technology have been described as the systematic and systemic identification and removal of barriers to individual and organizational performance.


HPI / HPT is governed by a set of underlying principles that serve to differentiate it from other disciplines and to guide practitioners in its use.

​1. HPI / HPT focuses on outcomes.

2. HPT takes a systems view.

​3. HPT adds value. 

​4. HPT establishes partnerships.

​5. Be systematic in the assessment of the need or opportunity. 

​6. Be systematic in the analysis of the work and workplace to identify the cause or factors that limit performance. 

​7. Be systematic in the design of the solution or specification of the requirements of the solution. 

​8. Be systematic in the development of all or some of the solution and its elements. 

​9. Be systematic in the implementation of the solution.

​10. Be systematic in the evaluation of the process and the results. 



Meet the Leadership Team

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Marcia Stewart-Downing


Bill Piersol

Director of Outreach

Scott Weersing

Director of Programs

J. Kelly Cross

Director of Membership

Olrica Funderburk

Vice President of Communication

Sazara Johnson


Stephanie Shipman

Past President



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You are not surprised when you learn that this unit has been evaluated as the best at what they do.

You ask your friend about it, and she says, "Oh, right.   We adopted a systems approach to human performance a few years ago.  It has made a world of difference.  It is called Human Performance Technology. "

We are about amazing human performance!

Join us as together we explore how we can improve the way our businesses and organizations operate. Each month we meet and discuss  breakthrough approaches to human performance.

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